The Top 7 Weight Loss Mistakes You Should Be Aware Of

Weight loss mistakes

Obesity is one of the most booming problems in these days. In US, a great number of people are suffering from obesity problem and unfortunately most of the people just do not know whether they are following a right weight loss program or not. If you are really serious about shedding significant amount of unwanted pounds from your body then you should strictly avoid the top 7 weight loss mistakes that most of the people do.

Here I am describing the top 7 weight loss mistakes-

1. Wrong decision

The most crucial mistake that most of the wannabe fitness oriented people make is initiating a hardcore fat losing program without making a proper decision. Have you ever thought about what is the reason you want to lose weight for. Are you aiming to achieve a muscular, toned physic with rock solid six pack abs or you are just planning to lose weight in order to stay healthy and fit. Think about it wisely because weight losing routine completely depends on your target. If you are dreaming for the first one, then you should put your 100% dedication to exercise and diet. Also you have to go through a hectic and hardcore fat losing program. If you are just aiming to shed-off fat for staying healthy then regular cardio workouts and proper diet planning could be enough for you.

When you are going to start a weight losing program, you should never expect any kind of over- night result. You have been pampering unwanted calories for a long time now then how can you expect to eliminate it all of a sudden? You should invest time. If you do not have enough patience and regularity then fat losing target is not your cup of tea.

Now you should think about the diet. Can you really stay away from your regular food habit that you are used to? Do not take a whimsical decision. You have to avoid all kinds of super tasty high calorie junk foods; rather you have to mainly depend on dull, boring calorie-less foods.

These are the situations where your decision comes into action. You are overweight but if you are happy with it then what is the problem? But if you are really not happy with it then you should come to the world or workouts and diets.

Unlike most of the stupid people you should never believe in “there is always tomorrow to train” theory. There is no tomorrow when you are following a strict weight losing program.

You should make a certain specific goal. “I will lose weight” this is not a goal rather your goal should be “I will lose 40 pounds” Always remember one thing that a goal without a deadline is called dram and this is the reason you should fix a proper deadline.

Set your goal, chalk a proper weight losing program and work hard. Finally making a proper decision is the most important thing that you should go for.

2. Starving during the daytime and over eating at the night time

This is the most stupid blunder that most of the people make. You should never do it. You might be wondering why I am telling this. Well, you probably know the fact that the working structure of our metabolism system is particularly designed to digest food and produce energy during the day time. During the night time when we sleep, our metabolic state lowers and it uses energy for storing fat and the more calories you have at dinner, the more fat you will gain. This is the reason you should avoid having a belly tight dinner at night.

3. Consuming invisible sugar

Most of the people claim that they are not having sugar; actually they are not having table sugar which is used in tea, coffees etc. Unfortunately they do not realize it that they are having significant amount of sugar by consuming ketch up, fruit juice, gums etc. Always remember one thing that sugar is not only used for adding sweetness but it is also used for improving taste also. Say no to anything which contains sugar.

4. Over eating diet foods

In these days, you will find different types of diet foods available in the market but unfortunately we do not realize to have these foods within a proper limit and this is the way we end up – storing significant amount of weight. Diet foods come with little amount of calories but that does not mean they have zero calorie.

5. Not having sufficient sleep

Sleeping, yes it plays a very crucial role for getting obese. Our level of sleeping is strongly associated with our hormone level. If you are deprived of sufficient sleep then you tend to have more secretions of cortisol hormone and naturally you will be more stressed out and this will help you to gather significant amount of fat. Lack of sleep highly affects the secretion of hunger hormones like leptin and gherlin and it could be a very harmful practice for your digestive system too.

6. Not consuming enough amount of protein

Our metabolism rate strongly depends on the muscle mass and more muscle mass means more metabolism. Most of the people tend to lose muscle mass when they get older and naturally it decreases the rate of metabolism also. It is really important to stop losing muscle mass and that is why you should take enough protein enriched foods. You should have protein on a regular basis.

7. Having wrong weight losing supplements

Nowadays markets are over-flooded with advertisements of different types of weight losing and body building supplements. Some of the weight losing supplement sellers claim to provide over night result also but you should definitely not fall into this trap. One thing you must know that there is no alternative to natural workouts and diet. If you are still willing to go for the artificial supplement option then you should consult a doctor before going for it. A wrong supplement will not only damage your health but it will also put more calories.

These are the top 7 weight loss mistakes that most people tend to make when it comes to losing body fat. Now probably you are familiar with these top 7 weight loss mistakes and I really hope you should never commit this.

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