How to build your own gym equipment

Home gym equipment

Fitness is not a costly affair. Home gyms are perceived to be consisting of heavy metal and high impact plastic framed machineries with pulleys and weights and all these elaborate expensive gadgets. Rather we analyze ways on how to build your own gym equipment.

It cannot be considered that these gym systems are not effective but they are not compulsory for the basic needs of staying fit. For the requirements of staying in shape, exercise gear which is simple and that will not break finances are also effective and these include the initial steps needed on how to build your own gym equipment.

The simplest piece that can be used is a soft clean floor mat. A floor mat that is wide enough for your body on the floor at full length and at a thickness that can cushion your body from concrete or wooden floor. Do not use the one that is too thick or too soft, as this will affect the balance of your body weight. Rubber mats are the best option for the purpose.

The purpose of this mat will be to conduct sit-ups crunches and other gymnastic exercises like running on the spot and jumping jacks. Squatting builds leg strength.

Before obtaining specialized gym equipment, a simple floor mat can work wonders.

Push up bars ,u shaped metal that fits into your hands comfortably tied to wooden blocks or metal sheets placed onto the floor assists is doing push-ups, with hands and straight fist positions These are more favorable for the wrists than placing palms directly on the floor. These simply composed handles allow efficient pushups done in the correct manner and in all formats for muscle groups.

Another addition to your home built gym is a chin up bar. Take a bar that is comfortable and mount it at one or two feet from a wall. Use support and mounting brackets.

Usage is essential to ensure that your weight is collaborative .The bar should be high enough for you to reach from a tiptoe position. This height is the perfect height for ground clearance and you can flex your legs when doing the chin ups.

If the bar is set far from the wall you can do pull-ups both facing towards and away from the walls. You can also male the bar long and use a wide grip with hand positions past shoulder width.

Another piece of gym equipment for the rowing and triceping exercises consists of a metal bar set horizontally at a certain height determined by lying on the floor and lifting your arms up. Support bracket legs at the end of the bar to retain the height and two sets, one for your arms and for placing at your feet.

The two exercises are to lie on the floor underneath and pull you up in a form of push-ups in reverse.

The other way is to place your feet on one set of bars and position the arm bar behind you. The position is like sitting on a chair with your feet on a table and hands behind you gripping a bar. You’re lower and raise your body using your arms. This works on the triceps giving them definition.

Building your own gym equipment is possible and easy through some imagination and the work that goes with it. Researching a real gym wand what is contained will assist in your home gym creations in how to build your own gym equipment.

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