4 Pro Exercises For Building Well Defined Triceps


Now, this article is going to tell you about the triceps muscles. It is a three-headed muscles which is situated on the back of the upper arm and responsible for extending the elbow. Triceps muscles are mainly used when you are doing any kind of pressing movements for the chest and/shoulders.

Now you should know the reasons behind working on your triceps:

When you are working with the biceps, you should not overlook the triceps muscles. Biceps contains two muscles where triceps contains three muscles and ignoring triceps muscles could cause muscle imbalance. Muscle imbalance can cause pain and injuries. Whether you know it or not, your triceps are working through out the day. Whenever you are pushing something, you are triceps are involved. This particular group of muscles play a significant role in shoulder and chest exercises. With a weak triceps, you will find it difficult to do proper chest and shoulder workout.

Know how often you should train your triceps:

Doing triceps exercises up to three non-consecutive days a week is the perfect idea. If you are doing heavy weight exercises, you must take at least 2 days of rest before you should start the exercise again. It’s ideal workout on your triceps only once or twice a week.

4 highly effective exercises for triceps that are sure to increase the strength and volume:

1. Close grip bench press:

This is one of the most effective exercises for triceps. All you need to do is just get ready like a traditional bench press form but position your hands not wider than the shoulder width. Make sure your elbows are in. At the bottom your movement, you need to allow the bar to come to the lower position of your chest. When you are making the upper movement, the bar should be over to your upper chest. Your forearms should should be placed in perpendicular position to the floor.

2. French Press:

This particular exercise work great when it comes to achieving a perfect definition of your triceps muscles. Unlike the regular pressing movement, this particular exercise works on your triceps from a different angle. You need use a UZ curl bar and put your hands shoulder width apart. Now, lower the bar in a controlled manner down to your forehead and take it behind your head in a same way. You need to keep your elbows pointed forward.

3. Diamond Press:

You can do it anywhere. First you need to kneel down on your knees and place your hands on the ground. With your hands make a diamond shape. Your thumbs should be touching. Lift your gradually up like push up. Tight your core muscles and make sure your back is properly straight. When bending the elbows, try to go as low as possible and do the push up.

4. Kickbacks:

Whenever you work with the triceps, make sure you include kickback in your routine. Put your hand and same side knee on a bench for proper support and hold a dumbbell with another hand. Place the same upper hand in a parallel position to the floor and then bend the elbow to make a 90 degree angle. Keeping your upper arm secure, you need to expand your forearm until your whole arm is parallel to the ground.

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