Excellent Push Up Variations That You Need To Master

Push ups

Variations of push ups have been there for a long time. They mainly exercise the chest, shoulder and tricep muscles as well as use a substantial amount of core strength and stability. Push ups are the fundamental exercises for most of the strength and conditioning regimes. If you are planning forward to building an excellent upper body, you should definitely start focusing on the different variations of push ups.

There are lots of variations of push ups but when it comes to building a strong and aesthetic upper body with sheer amount of strength, you need to focus on some specific variations of push ups. You can mix up the variations so that you can make the workout routine more interesting and effective.

The highly effective push up variations for building a perfect upper body are- scooping, narrow, wide, triangle, decline, incline etc.

Now this article is going to provide you a brief description about the each type of push ups-


Almost everyone at some point in their life has done the basic push ups. To do this particular exercise, you need to place you hads shoulder width apart, come up on your toes and lower yourself to the ground and again go back to the starting position. In each set, you should do at least 10 reps.


This type of push up is more challenging than the regular basic push up because it is more full body type exercise and focuses more on small muscles of the triceps rather than the bigger chest muscles. The only negative point is that this exercise attracts a lot of weired looks and comments in the gym but as an exercise, scooping is highly effective.

Narrow push up:

Your hands should be placed closer than the shoulder width. This particular push up posture almnost nulifies the use of front deltoid and chest muscles and mainly focuses on chest muscles. If you are mainly focusing on building on triceps, you should definitely focus on doing this workout.

Triangle push up:

place your hands next to each other in a way so that both can form a triangle shape with the thumbs and index fingers. Once you have done, start the push ups. This exercise takes the narrow version to its extreme form. While doing this exercise, you may find a lot of pressure on your wrists and elbows and may result in sore elbows for couple of days. This is an excellent exercise for building well defined tricep muscles.


you need to elevate your feet on an object. If you want to add some additional weight to your regular push up, decline posture could be a smart idea as it puts more pressure on your hands than the basic style of push ups.

Incline Push Ups:

It is the opposite of decline push ups. Instead of elevating your feet on an object like decline push ups, you need to keep your feet to the ground and put your hands on an object that is above than your feet. It is an idea type of push up for the beginners and people with overweight.

Now it’s time to master these varations of push ups and build an excellent upper body.

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