Gain mass and flaunt those toned abs and physique to the whole world

Toned abs

If you want to pack on tons of solid muscles the very first thing you must do is know your body type and settle down for a workout regime specially designed for you. Unfortunately this is where the skinny guys go wrong and the outcome is not at all forthcoming. If you are a skinny guy often known as a hardgainer, struggling to put on weight and mass muscles, catch hold of a customized workout routine at the very first place. Eating too much or training too hard would not help otherwise. If you are of the opinion that remaining a “victim” of the skinny genetics of yours is your destiny, just do not worry as help is within your reach. With the help of a range of exercises, mass and muscle building workout routine, the next time you step into a gym with all the KNOW how and proper techniques you will definitely see your muscles grow.

Try exercises which are based on multi-joint theory as multi-joint-compound exercises are an effective range of exercises. This is cause of the fact that multiple muscle group gains pliability at the same time. It is a proven fact these kind of exercises work really well for muscle growth, particularly for guys who are skinny in nature and are looking for ways to gain mass. Compound free-weight exercises consist of squats, bench press and Bent Over Barbell Rows. These exercises which yield into an effective mass gaining workout routine are known for its ability to provide an individual with an excellent range of motion. They incorporate ancillary muscles which are small in nature and these muscles maintain balance and stability throughout the workout routine.

Also include the “super sets” along with “max sets” in your workout routine. The super sets are basically divided into two different exercises which are performed back-to-back without rest and theses exercises complement each other. These exercises work for opposite group of muscles and in this case they are the biceps and the triceps. Then there are these Max sets in which the exercises plays the role of a catalyst resulting in muscle growth; they also help the muscles gain strength by pushing them on a heavy weight. By increasing the load gradually, over time, a significant growth in strength and muscle size can be seen as these exercises are based on the principle of Progressive Overload.

When it comes to quality mass building, quality food is another key. Along with quality mass gaining workout routine, a healthy portion of quality food in the form of carbohydrates comes handy. Carb sources or carbohydrates which are inexpensive yet effective in nature consist of potatoes, brown rice, oatmeal and pasta. Fruits are considered as excellent sources of carbohydrates because of the presence of antioxidant and nutrients. Never feel guilty while gorging on them. If you have been trying to gain those pounds with a “low-carb diet”, probably it is time for you to make certain healthy changes in your game plan.

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