Highly Effective Exercises For Thighs


Exercises for thigh are very common among the people who want to build muscles on leg. To be more clear, by thigh, most of the people understand upper leg. Before getting into the details, one thing you must know that thigh exercises work the entire leg that includes the glutes ( butt muscles) also. Always remember one thing that none of the best exercises isolate only the thigh muscles. When it comes to working-out on your thigh muscles, you should not do the isolation exercises because exercises like leg extensions, leg lifts are far inferior to functional movement in every possible way. Some of the isolation exercises can be harmful to your knees.

Now this article tells you abut the perfect thigh muscles -building exercises-

1. Squats:

If you do it in a right manner, squats can be an excellent exercise for the thigh. The thigh muscles- the four major muscles on the front of your upper legs or quads are the primary movers in this particular action. There are different types of squat exercises but the popular exercises are-

Holding onto something and then squating up and down.

Giving squat with dumbbells with more resistance.

Doing squat movement with the weighted bar on your back.

2. Step Ups:

Unfortunately, most of the gyms do not emphasizes on this particular exercise but it is still considered to be a very effective exercise for building the thigh muscles. It’s a highly functional exercise and all you need to do is find a step and go on it. If done properly, you will definitely find it more difficult than you thought before. When we do this exercise, we mainly focus on the momentum to get us the up stair. Instead of it, you need to eliminate the momentum as much as possible and try to keep the tension on the thigh throughout the workout time. With time, you should try to do this exercise with the weights.

3. Suspension Lunges:

You need to do it utilizing the cable overhead. Exercising with the suspension cable is the newest way of doing lunges. The best part of doing this particular exercise is that you can adjust the weight here. It allows you to employ a lot of motions at your knees than many other exercises. The great range of motions always help to build more muscle fibers than the regular ones.

4. Lunges:

Just like the squats, you can do lunges in different ways. Lunging forward instead of lunging backwards is a better idea because it puts lesser strains on your knees than lunging backwards. Popular and effective lunges are -Step Back Lunges and Traveling Lunges.

Your main aim should be holding weights at the time of doing this exercise.

5. Hamstring Press on Ball:

It is the best exercise for the back of the thigh. You can perform it with the different angles of the knee. If you don’t have an exercise ball, you can still perform the same exercise with a bench or chair.

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