Want To Gain Muscles – Top 4 Muscle Building Exercises

Gain Muscles

If you want to gain muscles fast in the gym, then you must ensure that you are doing the very useful muscle building exercises on a regular basis. No matter how much old school these exercises are but when it comes to muscle building, these exercises are highly practical. Most of the people avoid these exercises as they are difficult and take a heavy toll on the body, but you should not commit the same mistake. If you haven’t made any significant muscle gain, it’s high time to start incorporating these exercises into your regular workout regime. These exercises have one thing in common that makes them so , and that particular thing is that it moves your body through space. Isolation exercises and compound movements like bench press and curls never put the same kind of stress on your body as the multi-joint movements do.


In most of the fitness centers and gyms, you won’t see there’s much emphasis on the deadlifts. In fact, most of the people skip it because of the misconception that only powerlifters do deadlifts. If done correctly, deadlift can be one of the most effective muscle building exercises. Deadlifts will work your full body. When go for lifting a hefty weight off of the floor, your muscles will be challenged highly, and they will recruit as many muscle fiber as possible to assist you in raising the weight. If you are doing it for the first time, the big chance is that you may experience a body sore in the next day. This is a great testosterone boosting exercise.


This is also another traditional exercise that most of the people avoid. Most of the people prefer to use leg press machine, leg extension, and different other easier leg exercises and expect to gain muscle volume on legs. Most of the people don’t like squat because it is much taxing on the body. If you are looking forward to building muscles and strength over your full body, you must not avoid an exercise like the squat. This is a whole body exercise, and it will increase muscles mass everywhere.

Dips With Weight:

Working on your chest, shoulders and triceps is very much important when you are aiming to build a massive upper body. Exercise like dips with weight is one of the best ways to gain muscles in a fast manner. Instead of doing several exercises, you can focus on weighted dips only. Whether it is for building slabs of muscle for beginners or consistently pushing the body to the next level for the advanced trainee, weighted squat should not be missed from the gym exercise chart.

Pull Ups:

When it comes to developing the upper back muscles, pull-ups work like a king. Anyone you see with proper V-shape, must be doing pull-ups on a regular basis. Forget those fancy chin up machines and set a traditional chin up bar and do set after set of pull-ups. When pull-ups become so easy for you, you should start using weight around your waist.

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