2 Highly Exercises For Well Shaped Arms

Well Shaped Arms

Most women who are planning forward to performing the right arm exercises mainly focus upon tightening up those lose underarms and toning their shoulders and biceps. The main objective should be shaping and toning; you should go for developing muscle mass. Now this article tells you about some very effective exercises for slimming, sculpting and toning muscles. Before you going to perform these exercises on a regular basis, it’s really important to do some arm stretching exercises and you should it after completing the workout routine also. The pre-workout stretches relax the muscles and ensure that you won’t experience any kind of muscles pain or cramps during the workout session.

Now it’s time to know the exercises that can help you in achieving the desired result-

Push Ups:

Being a very traditional exercise, it stills works great. The push up is a great overall arm toning exercise that you can perform on a regular basis. It mainly works on your arms, upper back and upper chest muscles. Position your arms in a proper manner is a very crucial factor as it helps to direct the exercise to the specific group of muscles. If you keep your hands straight, you will be able to work more on your bicep muscles. If your turn your hands 90 degrees with finger facing in, it will work great on your bicep muscles. No matter what type of fitness level that you are in, you can easily start doing push ups. Start push up with knees and with time, you need to do with toes. Once you become pro, start doing one handed push up.

At the beginner level, you can start with the amateur push up posture. Kneel on the floor with your hands on the floor and make sure your hands are shoulder width of your shoulders. Make sure your neck, hips, buttocks and back are in straight position. Bend your arms so that you can lower yourself to the floor and stop before your nose touches the floor and then push yourself back to the starting position. Repeat this motion as much as you can and once you become expert, you should do with your toes instead of the knees.

Weighted Bicep Twist:

It’s a very effective arm toning exercise and it incorporates the combination of curls and lifts. It uses weights that weigh less than the typical weights used in the biceps curling exercises. Hold the weight in each hand and stand straight with your feet spaced shoulder width. Straight up your back and then drop your shoulder and press your arms straight against your sides with your finger directed forward. Keep the position same and lift the weights up toward your shoulder in a typical curling position. Keep your upper arms tight and only move your lower arms. Keep the weights in an elevated position and turn your hands in such a manner so that you can turn your fingers face forward. Raise the weight above your head using the upper arm. Now lower the weight into the curl position and rotate your hands to bring them back to the old position.

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