Best Home Gyms For Your Daily Workout Needs

Home gym

Home fitness gym is the perfect deal for one who doesn’t want to go out of home and still get all the advantages of gym right in the home itself. The best home gyms that you will find in the fitness market are highly durable, reliable, made with the great quality of parts and materials and above all they will meet all your fitness related goals.
There you can find mainly three types of home gyms-

  • Machine
  • Free weight
  • Plate loaded machine

Each type has its owns ups and downs and each type is suited for different workout structures and needs. You must do some crucial research to narrow down your list to a few that you can try in person.

Now, you should know about the three types of home gyms –

Machine Home Gym:
This particular type of home gym is designed and constructed with a single steel frame. Different types of exercise equipment are attached to this frame so that they can work with different types of body parts with unique set of motions and exercises. This type of gym falls into three categories –

It is a most common type of home gym. It comes with a several stations and functions like lat pull up and down exercises, leg extensions and leg curl, press, chest workout etc. The adjustable weight stack allows you to change the wright according to your requirement.

Power rods:
This particular type of home gym uses different types of flexible rods to produce resistance and load of weight during the workout.

Gravity resistance home gym:
This particular type of home gym is lightweight, portable and it comes with a great quality of material. There you can find an adjustable metal frame, a bench or board that supports your body during the time of workout. Your own body weight creates the resistance as you pull on cables to lift your own body weight up and down.

Free weight home gyms:
It comes with multiple separate equipment. You can use the pieces in different combinations and frequencies to achieve your goal.

Now you should know about the three categories of free weight home gym:

Traditional: Bring the most common type, it is considered to be one of the most popular home gyms for mufti-purpose workouts.

Power rack:
This particular home gym mainly focuses in heavy exercises. It’s a free standing which comes with a barbell. You can easily change the height of the rack so that you can do squat with the barbell.

Power cage:
The category of the equipment used here is almost same as the power rack but the only difference is that the power cage has rectangular sides to support the barbell. You can move it far forward and backward as you can do it with power rack.

Plate Loaded Machine Home Gym:
It comes with the combination of both standard machine home gym and a free weight home gym.

The categories of plate loaded machine home gym are-

Machine without weight stacks:
It’s a standard machine home gym which is equipped with multiple stations but you need to add the weight here manually.

Smith machine:
It’s comes with the form of power rack or power cage. It allows you to move the weight straight up and down instead of forward and backward motion.

Combination smith machine:
It combines the element of standard smith machine along with the machine gym such as lat pull and down and other functions.

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