Excellent Biceps Building Exercises

Excellent Biceps

What are the best exercises for developing big biceps? No one can give you the right answer of this vague question. Actually, there is no such thing as the best exercise for biceps but there are certain moves to custom your own workout or you can combine these moves with the current exercises that you are doing. Always keep one thing in your mind that the best moves for building muscles are the simple ones, so there’s no point of doing complicated moves.

Now this article tells you about some of the highly effective bicep building moves-

Standing barbell curl:

You need to grip the bar at shoulder width and you need to lock your elbow to your sides at the same time. Now, without putting any kind of momentum or swing, curl the barbell at till the length of your chin and then slowly go back to the starting position. Try to squeeze your biceps while you are doing the movements. Make sure you are not using any kind of momentum or body jerk to curl the barbell. Always perform the reps with the strict form. With momentum , the curling becomes easy and you can do some more reps but but there’s no point of using this cheat method. You should work really hard at this core exercise for the biceps and it will definitely help you to build muscles.

Preacher Curls:

Use the preacher bench and grip the bar at the neutral shoulder width and from this very position, you need to curl the weight till you reach the full contraction. Squeeze for one to two seconds and then again go back to the beginning position slowly. The best part of preacher curl is that it doesn’t allow any other muscles to assist so that you can completely focus on your bicep only. If you are looking for the bicep growth, this could be the perfect exercise.

One Arm Cable Curls:

Stand straight and hold the handle at the bottom of the cable machine with one hand and now curl till you reach the full contraction. Squeeze for a second and then reverse the movement slowly till you reach to the starting position. This particular exercises is truly helpful for your bicep because it fully isolates the bicep muscles and helps to give more definition to the bicep muscles.

Dumbbell Alternate Curl:

Hold a dumbbell in each arm. Stand straight and make sure both elbows are tucked to each side. Now curl with one hand till you reach the full contraction and as soon as you reverse the hand to the old position, curl the weight with another hand and repeat this particular movement. Do this exercise in a correct manner and you will see the result within a very short span of time.

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