Highly Effective Body Weight Routine Exercise For Legs

Exercise For Legs

Now this articles gives you about the details of highly effective body weight routine exercises for legs. These exercises are highly effective because you can do these exercises from anywhere you want. This particular set includes some of the best exercises for legs and here they are-

Exercise no 1: The Lunge:

When it comes to achieving a good shape for your thighs, your exercise routine is almost incomplete without the lunges. It’s an excellent exercise to start your workout routine and it really helps in building great muscles on your legs. It is almost same like squats. Now you should know how to do this exercise-

Stand straight and place your hands on your hips and take a log step forward with your right leg. Plant your foot and bend your knee and at the same time you need to keep your left leg straight behind you. Make sure your lead knee should be placed properly over your toes and pause for a moment. Now slowly come back to the standing position and repeat the process and then perform the same procedure with another leg. You must keep your back flat and keep your chest up to avoid any rounding of the back.

Exercise 2: The Sissy Squats:

It’s also more like squat but you need to do it without any weights and you hold onto the wall. It’s a great exercise.

You must follow the important instructions –
Hold onto something upright– a wall or door frame with one hand and bend down your knee and keep your waist straight. While bending, try to lean back as much as possible and go up on your toes. Once your knee reaches over the toes, pause for a while and slowly go back to the old position. Make sure you are keeping your thighs tight.

Exercise 3: Stair calf rise:

This is a highly effective workout for the calf muscles. Now, you should know the instruction
Stand with the balls of your feet on a step of a stair and lower your heels into the bottom stretched position. Now, you should lift up on your toes with your knees straight and do it until you reach on your top toes. Pause firmly in the contacted position for the calves and then lower your heels and go back to the old position. Do it at least 20 reps and the change the legs.

With these 3 body-weight exercises, you can have a great workout for legs regardless where you are.

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